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Grow Your Business and Preserve It for the Future

Business ownership can be rewarding and fulfilling, but it can also significantly complicate your financial situation. Everything from your taxes to your retirement plan becomes more difficult to navigate—and your business’s success hinges on the financial decisions you make. At Laurus Financial Group, LLC, we utilize our knowledge, experience, and strategies to help work towards your company’s growth, and preserve its long-term performance for the future.

A Customized Retirement Plan <br/>to Fit Your Vision

A Customized Retirement Plan
to Fit Your Vision

Our comprehensive business financial services include: 

  • Executive compensation
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Cash flow management services
  • Business succession planning
  • Insurance and risk management
  • And more

Our goal is to become a long-term partner for your business, helping guide you through important financial decisions year after year. From newly inspired startups to established family businesses, Laurus Financial Group, LLC, can help your company pursue growth and thrive.

Finding Quality Employer-Sponsored Benefit Plans

Finding Quality Employer-Sponsored Benefit Plans

Providing employer-sponsored benefit programs is key to attracting and retaining quality employees, but navigating the marketplace for these programs is more difficult than many business owners realize. At Laurus Financial Group, LLC, we’ll help you select a plan that works for your business and provides exceptional benefits for your employees. Then, we’ll continue to support you and your team through implementation of the benefit plan to seek a smooth transition.

Preserving Your Legacy through Business Succession Planning

Preserving Your Legacy through Business Succession Planning

When you own a business, retiring is much more complicated than informing your employer when your last day of work will be. You have to consider all of the possible impacts that your retirement will have on your business:

  • Who will take over your duties?
  • Will you retain ownership, or sell the business to someone else?
  • How disruptive will your absence be to daily operations?
  • How can you address your business will be properly managed after your retirement?
  • What can you do to make sure your company continues to work towards growth?

We can assist you in developing a succession planning strategy that allows you to effectively time your exit and address continuity of service for your customers. You can retire on your terms and your schedule, while addressing efficient transfer of your business to a successor or buyer you trust to preserve what you’ve built. Contact Laurus Financial Group, LLC, today to preserve your business’s future—and your own.

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