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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning beyond Your 401(k)

Most people view their retirement plan as a savings goal, “I have to save X amount before I can retire.” However, putting funds into a retirement account is simply one step of true retirement planning. It’s
important that you address questions like:

How will your lifestyle change after you retire?
How will you continue to work towards growing your assets to preserve your nest egg?
What happens if you have unexpected expenses, like medical bills or long-term care?
Will your savings support the rising cost of living?
How can you provide a steady monthly income?

At Laurus Financial Group, LLC, we help you build a comprehensive retirement plan that addresses all of these questions and allow you to approach your retirement years with confidence.

A Customized Retirement Plan <br/>to Fit Your Vision

A Customized Retirement Plan
to Fit Your Vision

What do you envision for your retirement? Will you downsize your home or invest in a second home to live in part of the year? Will you travel the globe or settle down on a few acres to enjoy a more rural life? No two people envision their retirement the same way, so no two retirement plans should be exactly the same.

The retirement planning professionals at Laurus Financial Group, LLC, can help you build a customized retirement plan that fits your retirement goals and your timeline. We’ll strive to help you retire when you want, in the way you want, so you can live how you want.

Guidance through Life&#8217;s Transitions

Guidance through Life’s Transitions

Many people don’t realize retiring is not the finish line, but a transition into a new way of living. This transition can be jarring—not only personally, but financially as well. Laurus Financial Group, LLC, continues to provide you with the support and guidance you need to transition into your retirement years.

We’ll help you with managing the distribution of your wealth, reducing taxes on your retirement income, and taking distributions and retirement benefits at the right time to better position your income throughout your lifetime.

Planning for Your Legacy

In addition to planning for your retirement, we’ll help you plan for what happens to your remaining assets after you pass. Our comprehensive retirement plans help you to consider the legacy you want to
leave behind, and how your estate will be distributed. Contact us today to start building a plan for the future.

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